Meet The Chefs


Chef Albert

“I am Albert Rruku, born in 1982. in the small village Vele Mune where I grew up and studied with my grandfather about the ancient way of growing plants and cultivating the land. Later life took me to the city but in 2017 my oldest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and as I was trying to help her, I came across information about CBD products. I ordered them from abroad at a very high price and when Croatia legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp, the only logical choice was to return to the countryside to start my own production that meets the highest quality standards at an affordable price.”

Chef Katarina

“Katarina is our sales and marketing manager but as a chef working in gastro industry she is developing a new approach of working with hemp in high gastronomy and creating new recipes with our high quality hemp every day. You can enjoy her amazing private dinners hemp based in 6 to 16 courses. 

As for her team and herself the most important thing is high quality of growing happy, healthy plants in biodiversity of Ćićarija mountain that will produce the most amazing products you can enjoy as customers.”


Our story

Our company Mune Hemp is specialized in the production of hemp and hemp products. Our production started in 2020 and the whole process is based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Our fields are located at 650 meters above sea level in the small village Vele Mune with only 100 inhabitants. There is no industry within a hundred kilometers and the region is practically without agriculture. That enables completely natural cultivation without chemical substances. All raw materials in our products, such as fertilizers, have natural origin from small local farms and we ourselves produce preparations 500 and 501. Also, we procure olive oil from the completely isolated island of Lastovo, completely virgin and pure.
Our mission is to produce CBD products that meet exclusively the highest quality standards.